Powering legal practices with innovative marketing & adept "getting it done" support


Powering legal practices with innovative marketing & adept "getting it done" support

Marketing for Professionals

Marketing for Professionals


You are a lawyer, accountant, or other professional and you know that marketing your services is not like marketing the latest video game, small craft brewery, or yoga studio.  People turn to you when they have a problem to solve or an opportunity to maximize.

Hogarth & Wolf is a results driven marketing agency for professionals and their firms.  We know that marketing different practice areas requires customized strategies.  We recognize that what works for the personal injury lawyer will not apply to the corporate solicitor.  We know that the referral strategies that will work for a commercial litigator are not likely to work for a securities lawyer. 

We understand that your marketing and business development strategy is required to adhere to the ethical obligations of your profession.

How We Help

How We Help

Marketing for professionals is more complex than ever.  There is a vast array of tactics to consider.  The entrance of social media into the mix over the last decade has added an additional degree of complexity.

As professionals your principle focus has to be on your client work.  Marketing and business development is important but you have a finite amount of time to dedicate to your practice growth.  Where to focus?  What is going to make the greatest impact?  

We are here to help.  With our thirty-plus years of experience on setting marketing and business development strategy and getting it done we can help you to hone your approach and develop a plan that fits your firm, your practice, your client-base, your objectives and your budget.

If you are a sole practitioner, small to mid-sized law firm or other professional services organization that requires marketing skills but lacks the in-house expertise and resources you've come to the right place.

We offer a customized range of services, with a focus on goals, strategy, and the all important – getting it done.

We can assist you with:

  • Illuminating a path through the myriad of marketing options to arrive at a strategic plan to guide your marketing and business development efforts

  • Projects such as a newsletter, blog, on-line campaign, brochure, ad, website or an event

  • Maximizing the value of your current client base

  • Honing your communication pieces such as drafting your professional profile for a brochure, website, LinkedIn or other social media

  • Achieving recognition for your firm and/or practice through securing rankings in reputable legal directories

  • Raising your profile with a customized public relations strategy

  • Developing a brand or updating your existing corporate identity

  • Providing the services needed to fill gaps by working collaboratively with your in-house team, or acting as your complete outsourced marketing department 

  • And most importantly, getting your ideas and plans implemented

If you have an idea for a marketing initiative you would like to talk over, or think you could use some advice or assistance, please schedule a complimentary discovery call with us.  

Complimentary Discovery Call

Complimentary Discovery Call

Give yourself the chance to test-drive our services and approach by signing up today for a half-hour complimentary discovery call. We offer these calls at no cost in order to give visitors to our website the opportunity to learn more about our services and how we can help.

Click here to schedule your complimentary discovery call.

What People Say

What People Say

I am happy to provide this testimonial for Hogarth & Wolf. Kathy and Allison are smart and driven business people. I have always found them to be professional and very hard-working. They have a proven track record of working effectively with type A bright clients who demand the best. They deliver it.
— Blair Lill, Chief Operating Officer, Singleton Urquhart LLP
Working with Allison and Kathy over these past many years, I am always pleasantly surprised at the fresh and unique perspective they bring to our creative process. Time and time again, they have proven to be the catalyst for sending us down that appropriate road of strategic and conceptual thinking.
— Robert Clements, Production Director / Partner, Slingshot
I worked as Allison and Kathy’s Creative Director on a large law firm account for over 5 years and in that time their commitment to creating strategic, innovative, and conceptual communication campaigns did not waver. In fact, they excelled. What was most impressive about this feat was having done so in the high stress, high involvement environment of a law firm. Allison and Kathy have an innate understanding of law firms, which I believe goes unmatched. They are also intuitively collaborative. Allison and Kathy fully embrace the idea that creating marketing excellence is a team sport rather than a solo effort. They are a dynamic duo and I do not hesitate to recommend you work with them, given the opportunity. If you have any questions, feel free to call.
— Bill Downie, Creative Director / Partner, Slingshot
Kathy was a key part of the promotions team for the Coquitlam 2016 55+ BC Games. As chair of public relations she provided a tremendous amount of energy and enthusiasm to the role which resulted in successful community awareness and volunteer recruitment. I was impressed by her ability to interview and communicate key messaging effectively. She has my highest recommendation
— Pat Meyers, Director of Promotions, Coquitlam 2016 55+ BC Games Society